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OTH Obsessions

...there is only one tree hill...

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Welcome to OTH Obsessions

This community if run my Amber princess1085200 and April forkeeps_x.
Our current header was made by April, and original layout codes by reversescollide

About the community

This is an icon community for all icons that are One Tree Hill related.
All couples and characters are welcome.

The Rules

1. No bashing of icons, actors, couples or characters
2. If you don't have anything nice to say... then don't say anything!
3. Comment
4. Provide credit
5. Don't hotlink
6. When posting more than 3 icons, place them under a cut
7. If your icons contain spoilers, please say so and place them under a cut
8. We will give you 3 chances, so 3 strikes and then your out!
9. Click Here


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